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New facebook options – Like, Dislike or Go to Jail

Dr Ulrike Streicher is one of the few wildlife veterinarians in Indochina and one of Vietnam’s longest standing primate specialists. Uli splits her time between her two roles as Fauna & Flora International’s Vietnam Primate Programme Manager and as a wildlife veterinarian for primate and wildlife rescue centres across Indochina with support from the Eva-Mayr Stihl Foundation.

A recent posting on a popular social media forum has had huge impact and caused outcry on a global scale. When Uli sent the posting and pictures to the office in Cambridge, partly to let us know and partly to help explain what life can be like working in conservation on the ground, we were moved beyond words. Not only at the fact that human beings have done this, but that this is not uncommon. This despicable, unnecessary brutality is what Uli and her team, and others working not only in Vietnam but many other countries around the world, deal with every single day. As Uli is dedicated to the conservation of primates, we asked if she’d mind sharing this story and her thoughts with our staff around the world, and now we share it with you, because this needs to be told.

** WARNING ** We have not posted the most extreme of images that accompany this piece, due to the broad age range of our readers, but please be warned that some of the images below are very graphic and may cause distress.

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Scoring goals for turtle conservation in Nicaragua

Karina Berg, Programme Officer for the Americas and Caribbean region at Fauna & Flora International, reflects on her recent trip to Nicaragua and introduces the Hawksbill Cup – a fun new way to keep communities engaged with turtle conservation.

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Tiger Rescue – a life saved, yet lost to the wild

Our team in Kerinci Seblat National Park dedicate their lives to saving Sumatra’s tigers. An incident like the one team leader Debbie Martyr describes below – and in the accompanying video – of finding a tiger caught in a snare is their worst nightmare.

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Following in the footsteps of tigers

Posted on: 27.07.12 In: General, Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Jeremy Holden – field biologist, wildlife photographer and intrepid explorer – describes how it really feels to meet a tiger in the wild, and talks of the spiritual links that have formed between the people of Sumatra and their majestic neighbours.

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From little things, big things grow

As a Programme Development Officer working with Fauna & Flora International in Vietnam, Liam Walsh sees a lot of activity based around agriculture in his day-to-day work life. Here he ponders the importance of the land, the nutrients it provides and people whose lives so rely on it – and finds some joy and humility in growing his own.

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Feeling peckish? You probably won’t after this

Posted on: 05.07.12 In: General, Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Fauna & Flora International’s wildlife photographer, field biologist and adventurous snacker Jeremy Holden chews the leg off a cricket and wonders if other cultures aren’t onto something with their diverse eating habits…

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On the tiger trail – it’s a jungle out there

Experiencing first-hand the remarkable work undertaken by the Tiger Protection and Conservation Units, Mark Turner recounts his time spent on patrol in Indonesia’s Kerinci Seblat National Park.

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Swimming with sharks

Posted on: 29.06.12 In: FFI Australia, Asia-Pacific & Australasia, Marine

Mike Forsdick jumped into the deep end when he joined the board of Fauna & Flora International Australia recently – and found himself diving with grey nurse sharks…

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Hope from the sidelines at Rio+20

Rio+20, the largest UN summit ever organised has come and gone, and while feedback has generally been critical, staff from Fauna & Flora International (FFI) found a silver lining in side events.

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“Ometepe, we want you green!”

During a trip to Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, Adam Henson (Technical Director for Fauna & Flora International US) discovers why local farmers are happy to help protect the island’s natural resources…

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