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The thick and fin of shark fin soup

Posted on: 17.04.12 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Dr Stephen Browne, Senior Programme Manager for our Asia-Pacific team, gets behind a new Singapore based campaign to see an end to the infamous practice of shark fin soup.

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A simple case of demand and supply

Posted on: 13.04.12 In: Americas, General

With mounting pressure on developing countries to conserve their natural environment, Karina Berg – Fauna & Flora International’s Programme Officer for the Americas and Caribbean – asks whether the burden of responsibility really lies closer to home…

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The crocodile connection

Dr Mark Infield, Fauna & Flora International’s Cultural Values Programme Director, explains how we can harness people’s deep (and sometimes surprising) connections with nature for the benefit of all.

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Forging stronger links in an international chain

Posted on: 05.04.12 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

In a bid to share knowledge and experience across an international team, Cambridge-based Rob Harris and Cambodia-based Tuy (‘Vathana’) Sereivathana swapped countries for a while. Here, they share their experiences.

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Conservation on the radar

Posted on: 03.04.12 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

It may sound like science-fiction, but satellites in space are now helping scientists assess the state of the world’s forests. In his blog, Fauna & Flora International’s Jose Don De Alban explains how the technology works and what it means for conservation.

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“Cockles & mangroves, alive, alive-o”

Posted on: 30.03.12 In: Americas, General

With apologies to the Irish for a bit of poetic licence with the lyrics of the folk song, ‘Cockles and Mussels’, Fauna & Flora International’s Dr Helen Schneider reflects on a recent visit to fishing communities on Ecuador’s Pacific coast.

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Shared interest: offsetting biodiversity impacts in Mongolia and Australia

Jack Whelan, Executive Director of Fauna & Flora International Australia, discusses progress made during a recent visit by Mongolian government officials who were looking to learn more about Australia’s biodiversity offset schemes.

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Sumatra’s Tiger Saviours

Posted on: 26.03.12 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

With encouraging reports that Sumatran tiger numbers are increasing in some areas, wildlife photographer and field biologist Jeremy Holden shares his thoughts on the secret to this success.

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Would you like pork blood stew with your fertilised egg, Sir?

Posted on: 20.03.12 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Fauna & Flora International’s Dr Aldrin Mallari salutes the balut, and suggests lessons learnt from tasting and tolerance can be just as useful in conservation.

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When patience pays off

Posted on: 16.03.12 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

David de Beer – External Consultant to the Delegation of the European Union to Indonesia – shares some thoughts from his recent visit to Fauna & Flora International’s EU-funded Livelihood Programme for Community Rangers (one of a suite of projects known as Aceh Peace Process Support, or APPS).

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