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Tall, stripy and mighty: introducing the African zebrawood

Posted on: 12.02.13 In: General, Africa & Madagascar, Remarkable Trees

In the latest instalment of the Global Trees Campaign’s ‘Remarkable Trees’ blog series, Fauna & Flora International’s David Gill describes his encounter with the African zebrawood from Cameroon.

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Final leg of Shackleton Epic underway

It’s true – a picture does tell a thousand words. The images below, taken in recent days, show the reality of the journey the crew of the Shackleton Epic are currently enduring.

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Setting an offsetting example

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is assisting Rio Tinto’s Richards Bay Minerals mine to meet its commitment of Net Positive Impact on biodiversity. Angela Hawdon describes how the project is bringing a range of stakeholders together to identify and protect this wonderful Coastal Dune Forest habitat.

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The chronicles of Oryx: a history of conservation – part one (1903-1913)

This year, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) marks its 110th Anniversary. Over the next 12 months, FFI’s Elizabeth Allen will be searching through the archives, looking at how conservation has changed over the decades. She begins with the origins of FFI, and reflects on the utilitarian approach of early conservationists.

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Dart through the heart: Colombian frog becomes cherished mascot for conservation

Posted on: 29.01.13 In: General, Americas

During a trip to Colombia, Stuart Paterson (Conservation Leadership Programme Manager) took the opportunity to visit an amphibian research project that has spurred an entire community into action…

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Face to face with a tiger… in Australia?

As part of a Conservation Cultural Exchange arrangement, four tiger patrollers from Indonesia recently visited project partner Australia Zoo. For a bunch of guys who spend their lives protecting Sumatran tigers, it was the first time any of them had been able to get up close and personal with a live tiger. The trip opened their eyes to many other things too, and Andi Siswanto (with some help from his fellow travellers M Rosali, Jefri Yulius and Seven X) was inspired to document some of his thoughts in this lovely blog…

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Depressingly inspirational: 1920s film depicts a lost world

Posted on: 23.01.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Stephen Browne, Fauna & Flora International’s Asia-Pacific Director of Operations, tries his hand as a film critic to highlight a film that gives an insight to a way of life and a time abundant with wildlife that we can only hope to see again.

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“Fragile planet” – getting the right messages across

Posted on: 17.01.13 In: General, Africa & Madagascar, Marine

Conservationists often talk about “fragile ecosystems”, but just how fragile are they? Fauna & Flora International’s Mark Infield investigates, and asks whether “doom and gloom” messages are actually counter-productive…

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Crocodiles and conservation: how evolution gets it right

Posted on: 15.01.13 In: General, Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Jeremy Holden examines our strange fascination with crocodiles – some of the planet’s longest-serving residents – and asks whether even 200 million years of evolutionary progress can withstand mankind’s modern pressures.

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The plight of the pangolin

Posted on: 14.01.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Prak Chanthy, Project Officer for Fauna & Flora International’s HARVEST programme in Cambodia, is passionate about pangolins. Here she shares a story she’s written, in both English and Khmer, to help us all understand the plight of the very unusual, scaled little mammal.

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