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Why do we need World Lion Day?

Posted on: 09.08.13 In: Africa & Madagascar, General

Lion numbers have drastically declined over the past two decades. World Lion Day helps to draw attention to their plight, describes Ros Aveling, Deputy Chief Executive of Fauna & Flora International.

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The trouble with tussacs

Posted on: 01.08.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Conservation in the Falkland Islands is restoring the native tussac habitat. This is great news for endemic birds and basking pinnipeds – but it can make life difficult for researchers.

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What is a species?

Posted on: 16.07.13 In: General

In recent years there has been a spate of news stories announcing new species discoveries from all corners of the Earth. But what exactly do we mean by ‘new species’? And how can scientists be sure this is indeed a new discovery? Guest blogger Sandhya Sekar from the University of Lincoln explains…

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The stunning seabirds of Ascension

Posted on: 03.07.13 In: Americas, General

Photographer Jeremy Holden recently visited Ascension Island in the South Atlantic and saw firsthand how removing invasive predators can help to restore natural ecosystems.

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There’s something exciting happening above the Gobi Desert

Last August, Fauna & Flora International posted a blog by Asia-Pacific Regional Director, Dr Tony Whitten, on our work in Mongolia. Here, Tony gives an update on an exciting new survey now underway over the Gobi Desert.

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Who knows whose nose? Training rangers to identify mountain gorillas

Posted on: 20.06.13 In: Africa & Madagascar, FFI Australia, FFI US, General

International Gorilla Conservation Programme’s field officer Charles Kayijamahe kept field diaries during his recent work on gorilla identification training in both Rwanda and Uganda over the last several months. On the eve of Kwita Izina, the Rwandan Development Board’s annual gorilla naming ceremony, we thought we’d share an excerpt from his diary.

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Into the valley of the shadow of death: disaster planning for the remarkable Chilean plum yew tree

Posted on: 18.06.13 In: Americas, General, Remarkable Trees

In the latest instalment of the Global Trees Campaign blog series on remarkable trees, Tom Christian of the iCONic project writes about a recent experience collecting seeds from the Chilean plum yew with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

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Frisky, photogenic giants

Posted on: 11.06.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Jeremy Holden reveals the results from Fauna & Flora International’s three-year camera-trapping programme on Da Lai Mountain in Cambodia. The video footage shared here captures the plight of the last remaining pair of Asian elephants on the mountain.

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When art imitates life, and life imitates art

Posted on: 06.06.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, Marine

Esther Tyson, member of the Society of Wildlife Artists, has recently returned from a working trip in Cambodia. Esther sketched aspects of two Fauna & Flora International programmes and was also Artist-in-Residence for Song Saa Private Island. In the lead up to World Ocean’s Day on 8 June, Esther shares some of her diary with us, in what was to become a memorable cultural and artistic exchange.

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Conservation meets innovation

Posted on: 28.05.13 In: General

Ken Banks, Technology and Innovation Advisor at Fauna & Flora International (FFI), introduces Conservation Labs, a new FFI initiative looking to explore the potential application of new technologies for global conservation.

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