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Frisky, photogenic giants

Posted on: 11.06.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Jeremy Holden reveals the results from Fauna & Flora International’s three-year camera-trapping programme on Da Lai Mountain in Cambodia. The video footage shared here captures the plight of the last remaining pair of Asian elephants on the mountain.

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When art imitates life, and life imitates art

Posted on: 06.06.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, Marine

Esther Tyson, member of the Society of Wildlife Artists, has recently returned from a working trip in Cambodia. Esther sketched aspects of two Fauna & Flora International programmes and was also Artist-in-Residence for Song Saa Private Island. In the lead up to World Ocean’s Day on 8 June, Esther shares some of her diary with us, in what was to become a memorable cultural and artistic exchange.

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Conservation meets innovation

Posted on: 28.05.13 In: General

Ken Banks, Technology and Innovation Advisor at Fauna & Flora International (FFI), introduces Conservation Labs, a new FFI initiative looking to explore the potential application of new technologies for global conservation.

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Is there hope for the Bengal florican?

Posted on: 22.05.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Today is the International Day for Biological Diversity, an opportunity to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. To commemorate the occasion, Fauna & Flora International’s Jeremy Holden tells us about his encounter with Cambodia’s rarest bird species.

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Meeting the green giant of Sabah

Posted on: 14.05.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, Remarkable Trees

Robin Loveridge describes a spectacular dipterocarp in the latest installment of the Global Trees Campaign’s ‘Remarkable Trees’ blog series. Fauna & Flora International supports community forestry initiatives in Borneo to grow and protect threatened tree species.

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What should you do if you find a dolphin or whale on the beach?

Posted on: 10.05.13 In: Africa & Madagascar, Eurasia, Marine

Edita Magileviciute, Marine Programme Development Officer, recently delivered a training workshop for local community members in Maio, Cape Verde, on cetacean rescue. The Maio Whale Strandings Response Team is now poised for action should the need arise.

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The chronicles of Oryx: a history of conservation – part four (1934-1943)

Posted on: 07.05.13 In: 110 Years of Innovative Conservation

This year, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) marks its 110th Anniversary. To celebrate, Elizabeth Allen has been searching through the archives, looking at how conservation has changed over the decades. Here, she looks at how conservation fared during a very turbulent period in history.

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Displacement behaviour not in evidence in Aceh

Posted on: 30.04.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Tony Whitten, Asia-Pacific Regional Director at Fauna & Flora International, recently attended a meeting in Aceh, Indonesia, that proved both inspirational and insightful. The resulting appeal by meeting participants was decidedly not the conservation equivalent of scratching backsides in Aceh.

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Happy returns to Vietnam

Posted on: 23.04.13 In: Asia-Pacific & Australasia, General

Josh Kempinski paints a picture of Kon Tum, Vietnam, following his latest visit, and describes how new thinking about ecosystem valuation may help to save this beautiful forest landscape.

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Biodiversity offsets: playing with matches?

Posted on: 18.04.13 In: Business & Biodiversity, General, Mining & Energy

A few weeks ago, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) held an internal workshop in Cambridge on the controversial topic of biodiversity offsetting. Joe Bull, a Phd candidate studying offsets in Uzbekistan with part funding from FFI, presented at the workshop and shares about the experience.

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