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Curbing illegal wildlife trade

Posted on: 17.02.14 In: General, FFI US, Conservation concepts

Nav Dayanand, Managing Director with Fauna & Flora International in the United States, attended and presented at last week’s Illegal Wildlife Trade symposium in London. Here he asks ‘Can these new global commitments guarantee hope for many endangered species?’

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Stripping nature: floods and biodiversity

As a flood-stricken UK battles nature’s forces, with thousands of homes under water and flood warnings still mounting, Fauna & Flora International’s Pippa Howard questions if we could have prepared for these natural disasters – or if we’ll prepare for the next.

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Cultural exchange: working with indigenous communities for conservation

Posted on: 12.02.14 In: General, Africa & Madagascar

Pamela Wairagala, Fauna & Flora International’s Senior Project Manager in Uganda, explains how gaining a better understanding of cultural connections with nature can help conservationists overcome conflict.

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Celebrating World Wetlands Day in Myanmar

Posted on: 04.02.14 In: General, Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Tony Whitten, Fauna & Flora International’s Asia-Pacific Regional Director, reports back from weekend activities in Myanmar, celebrating World Wetlands Day.

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An aerial perspective

Posted on: 30.01.14 In: General, FFI US, Asia-Pacific & Australasia

For photographer Jeremy Holden getting a good perspective on a landscape is more important than Christmas. This Christmas in Sumatra he decided to combine the two.

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Tracking snow leopards and blue sheep in China

Posted on: 23.01.14 In: General, Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Researcher Lingyun Xiao has just returned from a month of field surveys looking at snow leopards and their prey in China’s Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve. Here, she reveals that inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes…

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Tonkin snub-nosed monkey strikes a pose

Posted on: 21.01.14 In: General, Asia-Pacific & Australasia

Fauna & Flora International’s Vietnam Primate Programme Biologist Nguyen Van Truong shares his thoughts about shooting to thrill – capturing that perfect photo, unexpectedly.

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A helping hand – building conservation capacity when and where it matters most

Posted on: 16.01.14 In: General, Americas

Conservation is challenging at the best of times, and often a little bit of help can go a long, long way. Here, Rebecca Drury shares the inspiring story of Ya’axché Conservation Trust, Fauna & Flora International’s long-standing partner in Belize.

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Visit to the fruit and nut forests of Kyrgyzstan

Posted on: 14.01.14 In: General, Eurasia, FFI US

English major at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, Sarah Garnett joined FFI for an internship in August, travelling to Kyrgyzstan to see some of our work in one of the world’s most beautiful places…

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Back from the brink and beyond – can we resurrect a lost species?

Posted on: 09.01.14 In: General, Conservation concepts

The idea of de-extinction – bringing back extinct species – has long persisted in the realms of science fiction, but could it really be possible? And if so, what are the ramifications? Guest blogger Sandhya Sekar from the University of Lincoln discusses the issue…

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