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Myanmar snub-nosed monkey. Credit: Jeremy Holden/FFI

Save the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey

Help save a species from extinction

The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey was discovered just a few years ago. Imagine the excitement of zoologists worldwide at uncovering an entirely new species.

This excitement turned to consternation as it emerged that this species is in serious danger of extinction.

With probably fewer than 300 of these animals left alive, it is now a race against time to save this species from becoming extinct, as experts say that this could happen within just 18 years.

That means that within one human generation an entire species could be lost forever.

If you want to help stop this, then take action now.

‘Snubby’ is under threat from several different sources.

  • Local hunters have been targeting it for bushmeat
  • Loggers encroach on its habitat, removing another place of safety with every tree cut down
  • With the logging comes increased hunting activity in the area.

…and so it goes on – unless you can help us stop this cycle.

Your support now, while there is still time to act, is essential for three reasons:

  • It will minimise the need for funding in future – every penny we raise for this project now is invaluable owing to the severity of the situation
  • A long term plan will help local people to create a sustainable relationship with the species through education and learning
  • With less than 300 monkeys in this area, your help is essential to preserving this Critically Endangered species.

We already have a plan for how to save these elusive creatures

In such a remote area, local people are essential to our efforts to protect this species. Our work consists of:

  • Conservation awareness campaigns to inspire them to become guardians of the monkey
  • Providing small grants to hunters to earn income by raising livestock or growing rice and give them a real alternative to hunting.

These communities are now becoming champions of ‘Snubby’ in the area. For example, they have established no-hunting zones and ensure that hunters do not target the monkey.

Surveys will help us to understand more about this elusive creature. We need to constantly monitor the situation to understand the impact of our work, as well as ensuring awareness of any new threats in the area. We will also use this data to keep you updated with our progress.

A new National Park will help save both these monkeys and the red panda. The Myanmar Forest Department has already endorsed the establishment of the Park, and now we just need to raise the funds to establish it on the ground. This could create a lasting legacy for Myanmar as a whole.

If you would like to be part of this then please take action now

Please help us raise funds to preserve this fascinating species, before it’s too late

We’ve only just started learning about this creature. For example, we recently discovered that when it rains even lightly, the upturned nose of this creature means that rainwater collects in its nasal passages and it must sneeze to clear them.

You can preserve this fascinating species for generations to come – please donate whatever you can afford. Even the smallest donation could have an incalculable effect on the future of this species.

We hope that in years to come, you will be able to look back upon this day as one in which you played your part in helping an entire species to survive.

donate now

Make a donation

£25 could pay for two teachers...

…to spend a week raising awareness in local communities.

£125 could pay for a month of primate surveys...

…to help us assess the progress of the project.

£300 could help pay for guard posts...

…ensuring the National Park’s boundaries are protected.

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