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Immediate action needed to help save snow leopards from extinction

Support our work to help us tackle the numerous threats facing the beautiful snow leopard.

Do you want to play a key role in saving the snow leopard from extinction?

The snow leopard is faced with serious threats which could lead to its extinction unless you support our campaign. Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is working across Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to protect this endangered and enigmatic species.

The mysterious snow leopard is a beautiful and charismatic animal, found in the remote mountainous regions of Central Asia. Protected by thick, smoky-grey fur, and capable of leaping thirty feet and taking prey three times its own weight, it is well adapted to the cold, harsh landscape.

In the Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan a crucial battle is being fought to save the snow leopard from extinction. If we are to win this battle then we need to better equip and train rangers to protect snow leopards. This is why we are asking supporters to help cover the regular costs of equipping rangers to provide 24 hour protection.

Your donations today will enable us to purchase scopes, binoculars and tents that will help the rangers whilst they are in the remote places where the snow leopards live.

In the past 16 years snow leopard numbers worldwide have dropped by around 20%, and the bad news is that the key threats to snow leopards remain.

An increase in hunting and over-stocking of the fragile high-altitude grasslands with livestock is reducing the numbers of the snow leopard’s main prey – the ibex and argali (the world’s biggest mountain sheep) – across all areas including the Tien Shan Mountains. However, that is just one of the five major threats facing the snow leopard that we need to tell you about:

– They could become the victim of a retributional killing by shepherds, angered by the loss of sheep from their flocks, putting not only adults but their cubs at risk too.

– They could be shot by poachers. There’s a growing demand for fur and bones for traditional Chinese medicine, not just in China, but also throughout Asia.

– Females and their cubs could just starve because of the devastation of the populations of wild mountain goats and sheep caused by illegal hunting.

– Snow leopards could be pushed out of her home because of overgrazing of pastures by shepherds and domestic livestock moving into formerly ‘wild’ areas. This displaces the wild prey that is key to the future of the snow leopard, increases disturbance and the chances of conflict with shepherds.

With your support we can equip and train more rangers to help prevent snow leopards getting killed.

Please make a donation today, every penny donated will help us to build upon the essential progress we have already made to protect these magnificent creatures.

Progress update – January 2015
Your donations have made all this progress possible:

  • A 4-day training for rangers from Sarychat-Eertash State Nature Reserve was organized in August 2014
  • Sarychat-Eertash State Nature Reserve has conducted public awareness campaigns for local people and schoolchildren to increase awareness on snow leopard and its prey species conservation issues.
  • There were resources provided to the reserve to improve the antipoaching activities. This included purchase of a vehicle and resources to conduct regular antipoaching patrolling during hunting season.

Your donations are making a real difference – so please donate whatever you can afford.

Make a donation

£46 could pay for poweful torches...

…to help our rangers on night time patrols.

£100 could cover the cost of uniforms for a ranger...

…so they are properly equipped for their work.

£600 could pay for powerful binoculars...

…to help rangers pinpoint the location of snow leopards.

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