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110th Anniversary Appeal

FFI’s 110th Anniversary Appeal – the actions we take now could determine what is left of the natural world for future generations.

For 110 years, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) has dedicated itself to the conservation of the world’s threatened species and ecosystems, but it is the actions we take now that could determine what is left of the natural world for future generations. We all have a part to play. Please support FFI’s 110 Appeal and help us to take the necessary actions to ensure a safe future for our planet’s biodiversity.

FFI has been working to save endangered species and habitats since 1903, and we are very proud of what we have achieved. But so much remains to be done. Thousands of species are at risk of extinction and billions of people rely on ever decreasing natural resources. Speaking at our 110th anniversary event at the Royal Geographical Society this month, FFI vice-president Sir David Attenborough said of the emergency to conserve the world’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems:

“Species should be preserved and protected because we have the stewardship of the world in our power… and we ought to protect that world… that is the moral proposition that I am putting forward.”

We are launching our 110 Appeal to ensure that we can continue to protect threatened species and habitats through the next, most critical stage in the history of our planet. The aim of our appeal is to raise an extra £110,000 from our members and supporters over the next year (in addition to our budgeted income).

We are planning to achieve this by asking people to give 110% – you can support our 110 Appeal by:

If you are not already a member or supporter, please sign up to support the 110 Appeal today.

If you are already a member of supporter, please consider giving 110% this year. Individual supporters contributed over £3.4 million toward FFI’s conservation objectives in 2012.

Examples of how your funds make a difference are:

  • Emergency requests for help, such as supporting projects in challenging environments like the Democratic Republic of Congo;
  • New projects such as preserving the ‘fairytale’ landscape of the Zaran Corridor, Romania;
  • Underpinning for essential core operations such as financial management, fundraising, communications and human resources; and
  • Staff and partner development, such as through support to the MPhil course in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge.

By supporting FFI, you are making a commitment that will have an impact on the future of life on this planet.

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